Bespoke Web Design

Website Vision & Understanding

It's your brand, it's got to be great and it's got to be pitched at your customers. Great design must be more than just pretty. Our consultants will analyse your online business needs to ensure that the site delivers functionally and effectively; having mapped your business needs our designers get their creative juices going to deliver a visual solution to elevate your brand, and to wow and woo your prospects to become customers.

Bespoke flexibility built into our CMS

WSI Yorkshire are proud to have designed a 'champion' Content Management System packed with functions to wow your customers and make running the website as easy as ABC. The standard platform is powerful and can be additionally customised just for your business, almost nothing is impossible.

Website Functionality & Bespoke Features

Our standard Jorvik CMS platform is both powerful and easy to use, we've built a lot of flexibility and features into the standard platform, pulling from our extensive experience.

Our adventurous web developers are ready to step in and craft the processes you desire, be it Process Automation, Automated Customer Service, Complex Order Processes, Intuitive Workflows or on screen Wizards.

Getting Your Website Found on Google

We have designed our Jorvik CMS specifically to cater for Google's latest updates and own recommended structures such as Schema, Open Graph, Tiered Heading Tags, Meta Tags, SEO friendly URLS.

Further more we aim to target each page for a specific set or group of keywords, so that each page has it's place and purpose on Google.

Website Conversion Architecture

When we design, we do more than just create pretty pictures. We deliver a marketing solution to take your prospects from anywhere in the site to a business goal, whether than be checkout, contact, download, enquire. Every page needs to say something and demand a result, a call to action or next step.

Hire The Catwalk
When setting up Hire The Catwalk we had a lot of big ideas and knew that an 'off-the-shelf' website package wouldn't be able to deliver what we needed. The team at WSI spent the time to get to know us and what we wanted to achieve, creating a completely custom and great looking website which our customers love.

Caroline Carroll, Owner of Hire The Catwalk

Hire The Catwalk - Fashion Dresses for Hire